Does life really begin at 40? Thing’s i realized when i was 39 years old..

Does life really begin at 40? What do i have to do, to get what i want?

There’s a famous saying “Life begins at 40”. Some people believe that this is the middle point in life where you really should have explored life to the maximum. Others will tell you that the last 39 years before was just “research”. I am sure plenty of people have their own bucket lists to fulfill before turning 40.

I googled out the items to do online and this is what i found

  1. Shower naked in a water fall – Im pretty sure i have done it at somepoint when i was still a little boy.
  2. Backpack around the world with my partner – Immerse in the unspeakable intimacy that forms from traveling with just one person you love. Embrace it, and seize the adventure, uncertainty, and excitement of everything to come.
  3. Starting something that lasts – Weather its a business, nonprofit, community or product. It should be something that could hold your legacy even after you leave. Something people would remember you when you are not around.
  4. Finding someone to mentor – Having someone look up to is an incredible feeling. Someone you can pass your wisdom to.
  5. Visit a different religious culture – We are blessed to be in a multicultural country. But probably this statement means to explore other different religious around the world. Probably visiting the tribes of South America ?
  6. Write a letter to your future self – Give it some thought of what you would want to tell your future self?

These are all great things that one should experience, and i am sure there are many more. We only have one life, hence go out and live it to the fullest.


(Photo Credit : DialAflight)|

Sitting down on a wooden swing surrounded by strawberry bushes in the quiet mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand. I begin to contemplate on my own life.

I discovered that trying to pause in life is much harder than trying to be busy.

  1. What i thought was important , was not that important
  2. Life is happening now. If opportunity doesn’t knock on your door, build your own door! “Life happens when you are busy making plans for it”. You should embrace what life has to offer in the present and not wait for the future before we start to ‘LIVE’
  3. Expanding and exploring our talent
    Ignoring or under utilizing your talent is a waste. I learnt learnt many lessons during my time of unemployment and one of the greatest one is to never limit my talent to the job description or other people say you can do or can’t do. There are limitless opportunities waiting for you, so take a bold step and venture out of your comfort zone.
  4. You always have a choice
    How many times have you heard people giving the excuse ” I didn’t have a choice” ?
    “I am already married with children. I have a responsibility and cannot afford to take the risks”. The question is not whether we have a choice, but whether we are willing to grab the opportunities that life has presented to us. We need to train our minds to distinguish between positive and negative information, and hopefully the right choice will get the better of us.
    One of the key factors for me personally, that contribute to the choices i make is finances. When i changed my perception that money was a tool and not my end goal in life, my eyes opened to many more opportunities in life.
  5. Going out of your comfort zone

    Credit: Alphacoders

    This was an extremely difficult decision for me as I value comfort. I don’t think I’m alone in this. People like to be comfortable. They enjoy the familiar. Even when the familiar is far from optimal (even horrible), people still resist change.
    Seeking comfort, however natural it is, will never enable growth. How would you feel if you were able to merge what you love with your work and make it your lifestyle? Just think of how great and fulfilling that would be.

  6. Doing what you are passionate about
    “If you have an idea that might work in an area that you’re not passionate about, instead think about ways that you could apply it to a sector that does excite you,” he says “Look at your idea from a different perspective, and you might be surprised by the results.” Richard Branson.
  7. Remember nothing is permanent
    Everything is impermanent. “Bad times will come but they are not here to stay. Things will get better”. Always remember that no matter what you do, you are not stuck. Keep things in perspective. Mistakes are only learning experiences. Everything serves to teach you something. Whatever choice you make will be the right choice for that moment.
  8. Opportunities are waiting

Stephen C Hogan advised “most people miss great opportunities because of the misperception of time. Don’t wait! The time will never be just right.”  We think we have all the time in the world to do the things we would love to do, so we put them off until the perfect time.  Opportunities are waiting right now, and if you package your passion, you will be able to embrace them sooner rather than later. You may think you do not have the time or resources to embrace these new opportunities – not true. The problem is a lack of priorities – not focusing on the things we want the most in life and making them part of our daily goals and tasks.

“Decide what you want, and then act as if it were impossible to fail.” – Brian Tracy

Now that I have crossed the great threshold of forty, my perception on life begins at forty has changed.  I realize there is no perfect age to accomplish any goal. If I had the chance to advise my younger self, I would tell her to discover and explore the potency of her passion on a daily basis.

I will encourage her to maximise every opportunity that comes her way.  I will also teach her how to be aware of the dominant components of her passion, so she matches them to the right opportunities when they appear. Life is right now, right here – make the most of it.

Author: Addicted2startup

Choong Yen is a Penangite from Malaysia. He has always had an entrepreneurial attitude. Coming from a school of hard knocks, learning the hard way to survive in a tough environment. His high school was notorious for gangsters and disciplinary problems. Mixing with the right people was key to where he is now. As there is a saying, ‘You are who you associate with”. He started many different entrepreneurial ventures from Online Tourism related activities, to selling custom designs online. He found his calling was when he started his own Hostel, to a Chain of Hostels and the rest was history. Yen’s un settling attitude towards contentment always pulled him toward new business ventures. Having seen the hardship plaguing the general low to middle class population in Asia, he is on a mission to share the success stories of successful people who have succeeded in life, and their lessons learned with people who are struggling to get out of hardship and pursue their dreams.

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