FREE WIFI in Penang ! A Digital Nomads Guide to Free Wifi on the Island

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This picture is utter bullcrap. Firstly where’s the power socket? How long will the laptop battery last? Where on earth is the FREE WIFI ?

I am constantly in denial. Personally as a Penangite (Born and Bred in Penang), I do not consider my self “KIAMSIAP”, which is hokkien for STINGY. But having to pay RM 13 for a cup of latte at Starbucks just to use Free Wifi is a bit too much for me.

Cutting the story short. I was arguing with my parents as I was trying to get them to install a faster internet service at home. Streamyx 2GB at least. But after losing out to DAD who stubbornly wanted to keep his ASTRO instead of upgrading to a much faster UNIFI. I drove to Starbucks for free wifi. Took my laptop, found a seat and turned on the wifi and it said “Please ask our friendly staff for FREE WIFI’. I was pretty happy, with this at that time. So I went over to the counter and asked nicely for the free wifi code.  This conversation follows:

Me: Hi there, can I please have the WIFI code?

Barrista: Sorry Sir, you will need to purchase a drink for the free wifi code.

Me: Oh is that so. OK can I please have a tall latte ( Grumbling to myself at this moment)

Barrista: That will be RM 13 please.

Me: Here you go (Swearing at why my parents didn’t upgrade their WIFI services)

Goes back and log my phone on to free wifi. WIFI works just fine. Then I try to log my laptop on.


Me: Excuse me, I can’t seem to connect to my laptop.

Barrista: Oh sorry sir, its only 1 receipt for 1 device.

Me: No *itting me! So what am I supposed to do? You could have at least told me this. So what am I to do now?

Barrista: Sir you can order another cup of coffee.

**THIS IS 11pm now** So anyways. After bitching and moaning to the manager, I finally got a free code.

So I am writing this so that you can avoid this situation that I just went through. So the next time you are stuck in Penang, looking for free wifi.

Heres what you can do. Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Penang are easily found in restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, and many more other locations. This is great for travellers of all kinds who need to access the internet in Penang.

Coffee shops & restaurants

Some cafes and restaurants have their wifi passwords written near the cashier or near the menu stand on the table. Mega chain coffee shops such as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, PappaRich, and Old Town White Coffee are just some of the places that have free Wi-Fi hotspots. In fact, efforts by the state governments of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have made it mandatory for food outlets in their respective municipalities to provide a free Wi-Fi connection to customers.  This service extends to eateries such as McDonalds, KFC, and most restaurants throughout the nation. Just pay for a drink and you’ll gain Internet privileges once again.

Government Initiatives


Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 6.26.21 PM


Surprisingly the speed is really good. I logged on to the wireless Penang Free Wifi and I am using the service to write by blog. So to get my RM 13 back from Starbucks, I purposely am doing this without a drink on front of the counter.


Sorry, they only give out free water when you ask for it over the counter. They took the flask away from the self service corner.

Heres a list of FREE WIFI places where you can get this similar service

The next challenge is to find a place with FREE WIFI and FREE WORKING PLUG POINTS!

Happy Working

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Author: Addicted2startup

Choong Yen is a Penangite from Malaysia. He has always had an entrepreneurial attitude. Coming from a school of hard knocks, learning the hard way to survive in a tough environment. His high school was notorious for gangsters and disciplinary problems. Mixing with the right people was key to where he is now. As there is a saying, ‘You are who you associate with”. He started many different entrepreneurial ventures from Online Tourism related activities, to selling custom designs online. He found his calling was when he started his own Hostel, to a Chain of Hostels and the rest was history. Yen’s un settling attitude towards contentment always pulled him toward new business ventures. Having seen the hardship plaguing the general low to middle class population in Asia, he is on a mission to share the success stories of successful people who have succeeded in life, and their lessons learned with people who are struggling to get out of hardship and pursue their dreams.

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